Return to the height of turn of the century living on Billings property. A trip to the Moss Mansion showcases the opulence of a time gone by. Explore the property at your leisure with a self guided tour or learn intimate family details by taking a guided tour.

Secrets Are Uncovered In A Famous Billings Home

Docents lead guests through the halls showcasing favorite rooms of the Moss family. Original furnishings, carpets, and paintings give an authentic representation of days gone by. Tour guides impart pieces of family history revealed through letters and diaries while pointing out favorite personal belongings. Those wanting to get to know the Moss family home a bit better can take the Trunks and Treasures Tour. This tour treks through closed parts of the house including the third floor. Here closets and drawers are searched looking for insight into the past residents of this famous Billings home. Field trips for local school children are great ways for youngsters to compare the modernity of today to the simplicity of living in the past.

Special events are often taking place on this Billings property including workshops, lectures, demonstrations and more. Favorite events include Food Truck Thursday, American Girl Doll Camps and Halloween Antics In October. Uncover the past and look forward to the future at the Moss Mansion.