Get to know the lay of the land and breathe in Mother Nature near Billings real estate. Minutes away from the hustle and bustle Bitter Creek Outfitters brings it all back to basics. Mount up and head out on horseback. With thousands of acres on their black angus ranch at their disposal guests feel as if they are truly one with the wilderness. Expert guides relay interesting bits of information regarding the flora and fauna covering the area. Scenic surrounding on the Billings property are breathtaking. Riders meander along rimrock and through ponderosa pines often spotting wild turkeys and mule deer.

Mount Up And Head Out On Billings Property

Explore the Yosemite Valley uptop a surefooted trail horse and welcome a new world of experience. One and two hour rides on this scenic piece of Billings real estate are offered. As a working cattle ranch, patrons are sure to see some real life cowboys in action. Riders as young as 10 years old are welcome to saddle up. Closed toe shoes are required and long pants recommended. First time riders are in good hands. Trail hands knowledgeably match horses with individual riders. Dedicated to the art of providing a great time, Bitter Creek Outfitters has earned rave reviews, been showcased on the Travel Channel and are ranked with a Tripadvisor certificate of excellence. Memories are in the making so don’t forget to take plenty of pictures along the trail. Reservations are a must and can be made by calling 406.855.6075.